Poetic Yearnings

Cover of Cover of Poemcrazy: Creating a Life with Words

  Poems arrive.  They hide in feelings and images, in weeds and delivery vans, daring us to notice and give them form with our words.”

Susan Goldsmith Wooldridge- poemcrazy– freeing your life with words c.1996

     Even as a small child I had a yearning to express myself and as soon as I was able to hold a pencil I began to form ideas that would tell the world about who I was inside.  To share the secret self-the soul is what  I thought poets did.  I often wondered  how words on a page could shed light on the soul and the mystery of it was so powerful. It seemed to be a gift that only a chosen few were blessed with who had something important and influential to say to the rest of the world.  Who was I to believe that I could step into such a place and write words with meaning and gravity?

     I read a great deal of poetry, wrote what I thought might  pass for verse and kept it hidden in drawers for years.  I kept telling myself that without a University Degree  ( I do have courses of study under my belt, just not the  end result) it was not for me, yet something inside kept bringing me back to the pen and paper.  Words, rhythm and plenty of ideas came through my heart/soul and poured into my mind.  I began writing this poetry blog in order to share my thoughts, perceptions, emotions and ideas. I also began to participate in on-line poetry groups such as Poetry Super Highway and stepping out of my comfort zone to begin sharing my work with others.  With the influence of people like Susan G. Wooldridge I began to understand how we can all express and free ourselves through words.  I also know that it’s never too late for that  Degree’ if I so choose

     I have just begun reading poemcrazy and I am already experiencing a change.    Words come flying at me wherever I go and it seems like magic.  What a great idea to buy a notebook and write words that you love in the pages!  All I can say is that the longing to be a poet, the poetic yearning, the thirst is being quenched and it is because a door was opened in my soul by someone who was bold enough to share their vision.  I say thank-you to all of the poets and writers who have gone before me and given the gifts of their hearts, souls, minds and passions! I continue to be awakened and inspired. May all those who read this experience an inspired awakening too.

Until next time when I share another of my Page 8 inspired poems with you : These are a few  words that I  came across that hold my imagination: tepid, search, truth, angle, believe, after, mirror,rapid, settle, corner, evaporate, pool, jar, and project (both as a noun and a verb).  These are all in my notebook  and there will be more and more as I open my eyes to the world each and everyday.  Thank-you Susan!

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