Another Page 8 Poem: Inspired by Portrait In Sepia by Isabel Allende

Emotional Arithmetic

Holding the rosary

in her delicate yet

bleeding hands

the humble girl

peers  with



 into the cameras.



with his good


went on a


for his home




she asks that

you put aside

your weapons

and your


There is a heart

waiting that is

filled with love

and longing

for the safe

return of  her


She is writing

letters to the west

asking for

the splendor and


of her country

to once again

be restored.

(c) Andrea Taylor 2013


About charlottesrow

I am a aspiring writer who has taken my time getting to the plate. I have been a Jill-of-all trades. I had a career as a Nanny for many years and decided that I needed a change. I have a "day-job" that is currently supporting me to pursue after all these years the things I really want to do with my life. I love writing, reading, and learning new things! I will have to sort out the jumble that is my creative projects that have collected cobwebs, the time has finally come!
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