Page 8 Poems : Inspired By P.8 of Good Wives by Louisa May Alcott

                       The Tale Of  A Thief Who Would Steal No More

           A soul caught between

              worldly ambitions and  true love.

             A robber of hearts was he,

                      yet a nobler soul you could never meet.

                   This is the tale he confessed

                   to me of how his  ambitious nature had

                         tested his convictions and beliefs.

          Glimpses of a fair young maiden

   in a path of moonlight

                                by the river had turned him into a lover of one

                  heart, rather than a thief of many.

The young maiden not like

                     other world-lings seemed to glow and move

                  with ease through the river at night.

The one who told me this tale so desired

her as a companion

that he chose to relinquish

all other hearts he had

once acquired.

Only to find that her heart

was under lock and key to another.

For this young maiden belonged to

the River God who

was not pleased with

others gazing upon her.

So it was the thief laid out

a plan to steal her

away by the light of the day.

He took a net and held her

in it, carrying her away

from the water, from the river.

Soon the River Maiden was

torn inside, her heart

stopped beating, she

was barely alive.

He then realized that

she needed to return to

the river.

He was taking her back by the


when the River God

 in anger dared to

pull him under.

The young maiden swam to

his rescue, lay him on the shore

and disappeared into the river.

Returning to his home

he vowed he would search no more

for hearts to be stolen.

Alive, yet his own heart barely beating

in his chest, his soul was undone

by the quest for the heart of just one.

When he passed into the shadows

His other friends and I took it upon

ourselves to lay him in the river

with the fair maiden

whom he loved.

Now when one visits the river

by night, they may

glimpse two glowing forms

in the moonlight

who are sure to be the maiden

and the thief of hearts who shared

his tale with me.

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