The Flood Plain..(A NEW STORY ARC)

                         Floating on the sea of despair.  Lying in the water motionless,

             she is waiting

to be RESCUED until she hears

the Cry.

L. realizes that it was

not a CRY from within,

it came from somewhere

out on the sea of the Flood Plane.

The  she remembers that she

was dancing on a tilted floor

as the waters were rising.

What became of S. (where did he

get to in all of this?)?

Then the CRY becomes

more insistent

and she now realizes that

she needs to move.

Yet , she  feels numb

with fear or

is it just wet clothes?

She turns over and sees

what she is part of….


This is from the Diary of L. who is in love with S. and at this point she is not sure where he is in the” Sea of Despair” on the flood plain.  The diary is drying and the pages will come unstuck and then perhaps we will find out where the cries came from.

About Evocateur

I believe in the passionate pursuit of all that informs and inspires imagination...
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