Letter: From the Director of the Centre For Point of Impact Studies

                               Letter to this Newspaper: to be printed for our readers

Dear readers,

I assure that there is nothing sinister going on

at our research facilities.

We are healing people

who have suffered from their

point of impact injuries.

All of our patients and test subjects

are here on a voluntary basis.

They are free to leave

at any time.

As for Ms G. investigative reporter

thinking she has uncovered

any wrong-doing

she is free to speak with myself

or any of my staff members at

anytime if she were only

to identify herself

to us

we would be more than happy to

accommodate her.

Her releasing certain files

of our patients has made it necessary

for me to send another letter regarding their


with full agreement on their part.

This is the first in a series of  letters received from B. Jacobs who is the Head Director of  Welder Industries. Jacobs insists that they relocated their research facilities because the land lease was up.  We will continue to investigate and keep you informed.  Next Week: A letter regarding certain patients and an article regarding our investigative reporter Ms G. who we hope is truly safe and ready to share her stories with us.  If  you or any member of your family have been or are involved with this particular study please contact us for an interview.

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