The Troubled Life of Toby Brown… Case Studies File 116-2012

 Toby Brown

was a fine specimen

of a young man whose life was

going in a


The injury that Toby sustained

took place on campus.

The Point-of-Impact Studies

revealed that his heart stopped for at

least five minutes

when it  hit him.

Toby had a mind shattering

experience that has made

it impossible to concentrate.

The studies appear to have

revealed the following:

1. The patient has lost his sense of


2. His memory of the events that

impacted his mind, body and spirit

have yet to be revealed.

3.  Toby Brown is an excellent

candidate for further studies.

4. Daily interviews will be necessary

with this patient once

medication and treatment cycles are


Ms G. filing this report from inside the Research facilities. It appears as though Toby had a trauma that brought him to the attention of this group of researchers and another of our reporters is  looking into the campus recruitment  of this particular individual.  We will keep you posted and all of these files are also being sent to the Attorney General for further investigation.  

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