The Compliance of Larissa Jacobs…

Point of Impact Studies- Case File #120-2012


Larissa Jacobs

signed all the

necessary paperwork


her father’s wishes

that she not take part in

these studies.


had  sustained a

major Point of Impact

injury and wanted to

find herself again.

Her file reveals

that a mirror gazing exercise

was used along with keeping

a journal.

It also was revealed

Larissa had over-lapping

internal break-lines.

Larissa Jacobs

continues to receive


in a secret location.

She had signed all the forms

to show the

necessary compliance

with the treatment and testing.

     What the files do not reveal are whether her father knows where she is, what type of treatment she is currently undergoing and when or if she will make a full-recovery.  Her father could not be reached for comment.  This is another article based on the Files of Ms G. our best investigative reporter in the field.

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