Cases for Further Investigation (From the Files of Ms G.)…


I submit these names and

cases for your consideration

Toby Brown

was brought to the

facilities and has

not been seen

since his arrival.

He did not appear to

be well-when he arrived

what has happened

I wonder.

Larissa Jacobs

no sighting

of her

I did however read her file

last night in the dark with

a flashlight

her file states that Ms Jacobs

was not to be tested until further


This file contains information

about who her family is and

readers you know who her father


 Welder Industries

continues to operate

their facilities

and test subjects

are still being brought in.

I need to stop writing this

article now as

I am writing the time is ticking

away and I will be found in this cupboard

where I am filing this report from.

Keep reading and all of the files will

be exposed.

This newspaper and it’s publisher are pleased to inform readers that we will publishing each and every one of the files that our Ms G. provided us with on this investigation that lead to the closure of this research facility and others like it.  Some of the files must wait as a court case is pending.  We of course will be bringing full coverage of the trial of any researchers, doctors and staff that were involved.  As for Ms G. we are still looking for her out there.  Details will follow…

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I believe in the passionate pursuit of all that informs and inspires imagination...
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