From The Files of Ms G….

                                   A REPORT FROM THE CLINIC

“Wait, please wait, the door is closing” I said .

 I was the last one-off the van.

We were back from the fields

where they let us walk while we

were on our medications

that were being tested to see

if our lines would break



Then we were back

to the silence

of the


back to the



our tests.

Tonight is to

be the night that

I search

the filing room

for the answers.

Today in the


Lila Rousseau

was there

and I slipped her

the note from her


Just to let you know that these field notes are free of medications, I have been letting think I am taking the treatments well.  So far, so good.  I am looking to outside connections to get those who wish out of here.  I have to go now as it is lights out and I have plenty to find out while I have the chance.  I will be filing another report soon.  If you see an ad for the Point of Impact studiesbeware of answering it.

Ms G.

About Evocateur

I believe in the passionate pursuit of all that informs and inspires imagination...
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