From The Files of Ms G.

   There are a few things I need to divulge to you dear readers:

  (1) My parents worked for the government.

  (2) My younger brother disappeared when he was a test subject for

        a study that was conducted at an experimental hospital.  The study

was conducted on heart rhythms and break-lines.

So this reporter

is all too familiar with

what happens in these cases.

So if you ever question my qualifications

you will now understand

what is behind my need

to discover the



you will also know that


will find it.

My brother’s case

is being reviewed by


His case is

not so different from

Lila Rousseau or patient #4.

I am now in place to find out what

really happened during

the Point of Impact Studies

I will be sending all of my

stories to this Newspaper

who will publish them in full.

You can count on me.

Next week the paper will be outlining our Ms G’s resume and her background.  We will be following her progress on the ground. Courage dear readers as we await the results of her investigations.

About Evocateur

I believe in the passionate pursuit of all that informs and inspires imagination...
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