Editor’s Notes On Our Reporter Ms G.

   Somewhat cloak and dagger is

this reporter‘s resume

as it was revealed what

she has investigated

in the past

could place her in danger.

So this is what we have to offer you:

Dear readers

Ms G. as she is formally known

has personal experience

in reporting

medical studies.

We have of course filed her latest work

for you to read and now we will

back up the details of her


which include that her


suffered from a


then was signed up as a


by their parents.

Our Reporter

is talking to


in the case of

her brother’s

disappearance and more information

is forth coming as we receive it.

We cannot divulge as of yet the location of the

facilities that Ms G. is investigating

in order to insure her safety.

We do know that

the facilities

are most certainly where

The Point of Impact Studies

are currently taking place and

new test-subjects

have been recruited.

This is going on once again

on the out-skirts of another

unsuspecting small-town.

When can we expect to see an end to

these companies that continue to

prey on those who are in need of

help with what may be ailing them?

  Ms G. our reporter in the field has sent us her files and we will be divulging the content of those files to you readers and we await your thoughts on this matter.  We have yet to receive any comments from the researchers, the research company involved or other agencies investigating the matter.  If we do we will be contacting all the affected families. Any information that readers feel may be of value to this investigation can contact this paper.

About Evocateur

I believe in the passionate pursuit of all that informs and inspires imagination...
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