A Day of Working Things Out…

This  experimental writing exercise  has gotten a hold on me and I am inspired to continue.  I have been putting pen to paper and coming up with fresh angles to get this narrative on its way and I thank all of those who have been following my blog for their patience with me.  Sometimes we do get stuck in a corner and we don’t know where things are going or our mind is cluttered with a variety of ways to go and we just need to pick a jumping off point to take.  I have been thinking about so many different ways to take this story of these research facilities and then I remember this is my imagination at work and I need to listen to my inner compass and it will guide me in the right direction.   There are so many different ideas welling up in my head these days that it is really important that I keep a book of thoughts, notes, and ideas as I have been doing in my journal pages.  You never know where a thread will take you.  These study and research ideas came from simply wondering about what it is like to be a test-subject at a laboratory or hospital.  I look forward to sharing more with you in the future and will keep you posted on my progress.   To all of you please as Simon de Pury says:

“Be Bold, Be Brave, Be Amazing!”

   I’m sure you already are!

About Evocateur

I believe in the passionate pursuit of all that informs and inspires imagination...
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