Ms G.’s Field Report…

  Delivered in a plain brown envelope to this Newspaper:

    Investigative reporter Ms. G has been out in the field

    investigating the mysterious disappearance of  the

      Robertson Research Facilities

   This reporter has discovered that

  Robertsonhas changed it’s name, we believe they

 are operating under Welder Industries  and it is almost

 impossible to get inside the military like fortress

  that they are now apparently inside of.

  My photographer and I are looking at a way to get in

   “I will keep my promise to the families who are

      waiting to hear from their loved ones.”

    Whether they are conducting the Point of Impact Studies

    or are onto others  is not known.   What we do know

    is this: Scientists/doctors and patients have been sited

    through careful observation on the grounds.   It also appears

  that all of the staff are expected to live on the grounds so

   security can be maintained at all times.   As I am able to

share what is going on and penetrate this facility I will

keep you the readers and families posted. Again,

“No members of the staff or investors could

be reached for comment.”

This Reporter will not let you down, we will

out what is going on and bring in the proper

authorities if they’ll listen.

signed simply

Ms G.



About Evocateur

I believe in the passionate pursuit of all that informs and inspires imagination...
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