A Letter Received by This Newspaper…

To Our Readership:

      Some things that we felt you should know

We have received the following letter from

the Director of Impact Studies

at Robertson Research Facilities:

Dear Ms G.,

Our research facilities have nothing to


with regard to the unfortunate death

of Professor C. one of our leading


We are grieving the loss of one

of the best scientists in the field of

Impact Studies

Her presence as a researcher

and much loved colleague

will be missed.

We have no further comments

at this time.

We ask that unless you make

formal application

to our facilities

that you keep yourself and your fellow

reporters away from our grounds.

We are more than

happy to accommodate you for

an appointment with our


who will help you to

better understand what

our research involves and

what the results could mean.


Dr. J. Director of Impact Studies

Robertson Research Facilities

The newspaper and this reporter felt that you needed to know what we were up against with this story and that we intend to continue to cover this and other stories related to the Impact Studies being conducted by the scientists at this and other research facilities.

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