Another Patient Followup: Study Subject #2 Reveals A Mysterious Death At Research Facilities

  This reporter


Subject #2(name withheld to protect)

living in an abandoned railway yard.

When interviewed the subject

was clearly nervous


concerned for their safety.

This reporter  assured them

that they were not there on behalf

of the research facility or the government.

Subject #2 then revealed that ‘they’ had

discovered the body of one of the

lead research scientists at the bottom

of a cliff, just yards from the facility.

Subject #2 was warned not to

share any information with fellow

patients or any outsiders.

“After all you have signed a confidentiality clause”

they warned.

Subject #2 was isolated,

then managed to find away out and

left the area as soon as possible.

This reporter promised they would

look into it.

After printing the story,

this newspaper received a very formal letter

which we will publish in our next edition.

We protect our sources.

We protect the innocent.

There were no research scientists

available for comment.

This reporter will find the answers.

About Evocateur

I believe in the passionate pursuit of all that informs and inspires imagination...
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