The Study: Another Poetic Effort

 Test Subjects

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Test subjects who have suffered an injury to the

heart to take part in an experiment that is being

conducted in order to discovery the point of impact.

This will be take place in a safe testing facility.

Test Results

A Point of Impact  study

was conducted on the human heart

The “study” concluded that

“the point of impact” and the

nature of the breakage were dependent

on a number of factors.

Researchers concluded that the “subject’s”

level of  involvement with the “object” of their

affection and whether the feelings that

they experienced were reciprocated.

The”solar-plexus ” was found to be a major point of impact

as it was connected to the life force.

Studies are continuing as scientists volunteer to study themselves

as well in a continuing effort to learn and map the human heart and the


More “Test Subjects” will be required.

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