A Work In Progress

Well here are my first posts of poetry and I have to say this is the first of many hurdles that I am climbing over! Thank you to all that went before me.


The Girl On the Ladder

This girl has been getting in trouble

because she’s been sliding down the

ladder of life

she’s tired of climbing again and again

only to find herself

slipping once more.

She’s not sure what’s

going to happen

if she goes back to

the bottom again.

She’s afraid of what might

happen to her,

will she be able to get a grip

on the wrung

below or fall right

off into the abyss?


Borders Without Peace

Black heavy plague

upon us,

The country is considering

closing for business.

A state of “Emergency” is declared

and panic is rising as  helicopters

take to the air.

For borders and weapons we pay blood money.

How did we come to believe this was a good philosophy?

The land of “Freedom” is not so free,

it has a price and it will go to the highest bidder.

They hold us hostage with our own devices and

weapons  as we are all running in circles

as the helicopters search in the night for their targets.

When will we free ourselves from the lies we

have been living?

When will we learn to speak with


A world where all are free

and then we will be free



About charlottesrow

I am a aspiring writer who has taken my time getting to the plate. I have been a Jill-of-all trades. I had a career as a Nanny for many years and decided that I needed a change. I have a "day-job" that is currently supporting me to pursue after all these years the things I really want to do with my life. I love writing, reading, and learning new things! I will have to sort out the jumble that is my creative projects that have collected cobwebs, the time has finally come!
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